Sunday, April 10, 2011

our family videos: best of 2009

I think I started this post a week ago; it was a busy week. . . . I want to share some posts containing videos. I may print my blog, and by having posts that are videos only, I can exclude them from the blog books without having to also exclude photos and writing. It had been way too long since I watched some of the videos I made in 2009. A lot of them my husband had never seen (even though I often intended to upload them for him, because I had Shboogoo and other people saying hello to him -- via the camera -- while he was deployed). I chose several of the best ones. Enjoy!

Shboogoo's first haircut, March 2009 (she was tired, but maybe that helped her sit so still!) (it's probably too boring to watch the whole thing).

With each of my pregnancies I felt the baby hiccuping. I know this doesn't happen to every mom, but I knew they were hiccups! The video shows my belly moving as L hiccuped about a month before she was born (this is my most popular video on youtube).

Shboogoo holding her sister (who someone swaddled in a weird way . . . you mostly see her legs and not her face) for the very first time!

This is one of the sweetest and saddest things ever, because it was a Monday or Tuesday night and D left for Afghanistan on Wednesday morning.

Shboogoo's pronunciation and imagination were funny, and I captured how she sang like Ariel.

"How you doin'?" (L about two months old)


  1. Cute videos, you guys are such a wonderful family and seem so blessed :)

  2. Those are so cute! I especially like the last one.


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