Monday, August 30, 2010

fourteen months

L took her first steps on July 22nd, when she was barely over thirteen months old. But that doesn't mean she's a walker yet. She just decided to let go of the coffee table and walk two steps to me, falling into my arms. I think she has been a little afraid and cautious about walking. The most she has done is 7 or 8 steps toward me. She'll walk to other people, too, or to something she can grasp, like her crib bars. She's very good at side-stepping as she holds on, and she crawls fast.

She does choose to stand sometimes, like in the tub; usually when I put her down in standing position she slowly squats and sits.

She likes playing with this toy that we finally brought back from my mom's house. There's a short song for each texture. The one she's holding in the picture says, "Fuzzy . . . fuzzy fuzzy."

Lately she's really into climbing. Even if an object is only a few inches high she'll get onto it and sit there. One day (during her 14th month) she climbed onto our little stool, then into one laundry basket, then into another laundry basket, back onto the stool, etc. It was adorable and funny.

L's seventh tooth appeared on July 28th.

Here are the 14-month-day photos:

She was starting to want her headband off. She pulls it down so she's wearing it like a necklace; I don't think she knows she's still wearing it.

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