Monday, August 30, 2010

ten- year high school reunion

First, a flashback of my five-year high school reunion:
I think 40-50 people came, but there weren't that many all at the same time. This photo shows who was there at the end of it. I went to school with four of these people from second grade on. :) I probably met the others, except Katie, in 7th grade.

I love these girls! Hillary and Anne had been living a couple of hours away from me (opposite directions), so I hadn't seen them in a while.

This year, instead of a Friday afternoon event that was hard for people to come to, the committee picked a better time. We had a nice dinner on August 6th. The next day, Saturday, we met at a park. D and I had a lot of fun with these cool people! (I have to admit, though, that I didn't know the names of a few of the people at the dinner.)

Watching the video of some photos from when we were in high school and new interviews with some faculty members.
Mike married my cousin just a few months after I got married, and our kids are close in age.

Emily's eyes are closed in this shot, but my mouth looked weird in the next one.


  1. at least people showed up to yours ;) ours got cancelled :) haha gotta love being from a small town ;)

  2. I've gotta admit - I sure like me in our 5 year a bit better. Maybe it's time to get out of mommy mode a bit! I'm excited Sammy made the cut! :)


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