Sunday, August 8, 2010

13-month party

We were out of town on L's first birthday. We couldn't decide when to have her party, we went out of town again, and my sister's wedding was coming up. I insisted that we should still have a party for her. My husband had the wonderful idea that instead of it being just a late birthday party we could have it close to her 13th monthday and call it a 13-month party. We held it the week after the wedding. I asked him to design an invitation in Photoshop even though our families already knew about it. He always does a good job with things like that. {I can't find it on the computer, but it had four photos in a square on the left. On the right it said, "L [her complete first name] is turning 13" and under that, in a smaller font, "(months)"}

Murphy's law: both our cameras needed charging or something that day; we hadn't prepared them. D's aunt took the photos we do have, and his mom and friend Shauna used a video camera. Blogger is frustrating me so badly! It was pure luck that it uploaded some photos, because the others I have tried, on several different days, kept failing. So I guess this is all I will include. You can check my flickr account later -- maybe I can get them uploaded there.

This free cake was from Fresh Market; they let you have a free one for a first birthday. We bought a larger cake for everyone else. By the way, L wasn't a big fan of cake. She prefers the taste of good food, especially veggies and fruit and grains.

It wasn't really ice cream sandwiches from Grandpa and Grandma S; inside was a soft hollow tree and five animals you can put inside the tree or play with on their own.

It's fun to compare . . . here's Shboogoo at her first birthday party:

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