Thursday, September 23, 2010

recent celebrations

We had fun celebrating with people we love in the last two months: two weddings (plus at least one other we were invited to but couldn't attend), several birthdays, and a baby shower.

The first wedding was my step-sister Angie's. We love her and Todd! Everything was incredibly beautiful, and the food was fantastic. Shboogoo was the flower girl. She knew what her job was supposed to be, but she must not have realized the actual wedding was beginning, because she came over to me without dropping any of her flower petals! It was fun to meet Todd's people who came from out of state for the wedding. I love the gifts that Angie gave to us bridesmaids: necklaces made from antique spoons (to wear for the ceremony) and watermelon-scented foot scrub and lotion.

(I took the photos you see above and below, in the bride's room a few minutes before we went outside for the ceremony.)

A professional shot, nor ours. The four bridesmaids stood on the left.

My oldest niece.
(The one picture I have with me in it isn't very good.)

The second wedding reception we went to was Dave and Sarah's (no photos; it was getting dark outside). We've known Dave since we were teenagers and we're really happy for them!

 My brother M's birthday.

Next was my mom's birthday, celebrated at Olive Garden, and then my grandpa's (age 93):

This shows the four of his children who could attend the party; he has another son. (My mom is his step-daughter.)

I think Lillian (in the foreground) is so adorable!

 Before the water ruined my hair style.

Doing "a trick."

Pretending to be asleep.

 My husband had to work, by the way.

Angie's birthday (the same Angie who got married a few weeks before) and our brother C's birthday are pretty close together. My dad ordained C a deacon and then we went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. I think I can believe C is 12, but it's hard to imagine him driving four years from now.

Whew . . . I thought this post was done, but it isn't. The baby shower was for my sister. Here she is holding the gift from me (before opening it, obviously). 

Our mom did a lot for the shower, including reserving her clubhouse. Our stepmom brought some food and treats, and I -- with some help from my husband -- designed and mailed the invitations, put up signs outside, and brought cracker stuff.

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  1. That last picture at the wedding reception is so pretty! I love all of the lights behind the tables. What a beautiful setting.
    I can't believe your sister is having a baby. I guess we're getting old. She's so cute, tell her congratulations and good luck from me.


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