Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Week in Review: Nov. 28 - Dec. 4

I want to share a few events of this past week in our family's life. (It's taking forever because Blogger is being stupid with the photos . . .)

Friday, November 28 / I sort-of planned on getting up before 7:00 to shop, but we were up too late the night before. So there wasn't enough time in the morning before D had his Lasik eye surgery done! We decided just a few days before to do this with some of our savings. (If he goes to a sandy place it will be much easier to never have to deal with glasses or contacts!) We were there about an hour and a half but the actual surgery only takes about ten minutes. The doctor has done this more than 12,000 times before and was wonderful. D would recommend Lasik to anyone. I was his nurse all day, putting in three different kinds of eye drops at frequent intervals.

You can see his eye on the tv screen:
I had to stay in the waiting room -- I zoomed in for this one:

He couldn't work because he wasn't allowed to drive for the first 24 hours. We went downtown as a family and had a blast just looking at the lights, people, and everything else we could see. The camera batteries died and we weren't in the right places at the right times to hear the musical performances but it was still fun for us to be out at night, when D is usually working. Shboogoo loves the Tipit [Christmas] lights; she also watched the ice skaters for a long time. We arrived at our last stop just in time for them to officially turn on the lights on their huge tree. (They call it a holiday tree but it is a Christmas tree! That's all I'll say about that . . .)

Saturday, November 29 / At the follow-up at the Lasik place the doctor told D his vision was already 20-15, which is kind of rare. Now he apparently has better vision than I do. Then I had fun all by myself browsing Robert's Crafts and using their 50% off coupon.

Tuesday, December 2 / We found out when D will start his training out-of-state: the end of February. We'll move a few weeks before that. He may or may not be able to be with me when I give birth.

Wednesday, December 3 / Shboogoo had her two year checkup and D came to meet the doctor for the first time. She told us Shboogoo's talking is the kind you would expect from a child who is 3, not 2. Her stats: 23 pounds (7%), 32 inches tall (9%), and 47.5 cm head (50%).

Thursday, December 4 / We didn't need these anymore:

and we set up our Christmas decorations and lights. I participated, but I took photos instead of being in them.

Helping Dad straighten the branches:

"Oh, what fun it is to play in a Christmas-tree-box house!"


  1. She is so cute in that box!! I didn't know Drew got Lasik, that's cool, and I bet it will be lots better when he's deployed.

  2. I love the pics of the Christmas box house! So so cute!

  3. that's awesome Drew got lasik! John would LOVE to have his eyes fixed up... they are a mess! I just have to say that I think you are amazing... I don't know if you've said one way or the other, but it seems like you are fairly optimistic about the way your life is going, even though there are some hard times coming up... like I can't imagine not knowing if my husband is going to be there as I give birth or not... and having him gone for a year... I just really really admire you and your family for making those sacrifices and finding ways to enjoy all the moments you do have together and being so optimistic throughout it all!

  4. I'm glad Drew's lasik surgery went well, Kevin is thinking about having it done too. Right now he is an intern at Lasik Plus, and they've offered to do it for free. I think he should totally go for it, but they're his eyes, so I guess he has to make that decision. Good luck to Drew with his deployment as well. I hope he's back in time to meet your new baby.


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