Friday, December 26, 2008

Guess Who's Getting Married

My daughter.

Yeah, she's only two, but for some reason she has been talking about this quite a bit. It's been a little while since she saw a bride and groom, so I think it started a few weeks ago. That day I tossed Shboogoo's clean white fitted sheet onto her head. She immediately said, "I'm getting married!" She has said on several days, "When I get married," "I'm getting married," or that one of her stuffed animals is getting married, or "You get married in the temple?" She was also excited when she saw her Aunt M's bridal photo on the wall.

We don't know who the lucky boy is. It's not any of the boys she goes to nursery with. One time when I asked her if she was going to marry Robbie she said, "No, Robbie getting . . . not getting married." But she has said once or twice that she IS marrying Robbie.

The excitement of seeing so many relatives on Christmas Eve and Christmas -- and gifts that she can build with, drive, hold, or look at -- has distracted her from mentioning her upcoming marriage. I'm sure she'll bring it up again, though. We can see that she understands (or wants to) some things about people, relationships, birth, etc. She played with her friend Kate the other day, and when we drive past their place she says, "I play with Tate! Member dat?" She 'members the day that Brett and Lana weren't home ("Brett and Lana not home"). She knows that their baby was born (she got to see him at the hospital), and asked me, "Is your baby inside your tummy?" I caught her after she tasted some of her baby wash from the bottle. I called poison control and she was fine, but of course I told her that we never eat baby wash. A couple of days later when we had it out again she said, like she was scolding herself, "I not eat that."

I am biased, but it is all very cute. And she'd better not think about getting married for at least another 18 years.

Maybe half an hour after I posted this I asked her who she is going to marry. She replied, "I marry . . . mommy."


  1. So cute!!! I have some great pics of Robbie and Shboogoo together for the wedding video, if it does work out with them. ;)


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