Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Out-of-State Trip

On Thursday my daughter left our state for the first time in her life! She and I went with my mom to my grandma's sister's funeral in Idaho. Unfortunately I hadn't seen Aunt Fran in a few years, and I didn't know her as well as I would have liked to. Her husband Bruce (in the photo talking to the two women) was able to help me with a car problem seven years ago when I was in college. I wanted to put a picture of Fran on here but could not figure out how to copy it from the obituary. She and Bruce had been living at their own home, but she fell into a coma for a little while and did not wake up from it.
It was nice to be able to get away for this short trip and, most importantly, to see family. All of Bruce and Fran's descendents were there: two children, four grandchildren, and great-grandchildren (three, I think) . During the funeral I was able to take notes on my cell phone; I learned so much about Fran. I didn't know that she was very detailed or that "the conversation was never about her" or that she liked to go dancing with Bruce. She was beautiful and humble and a domestic diva.

We went to the church for lunch, and then to the cemetary for a dedication. She was cremated and somebody make this nice wood box for both her and her husband. (I had left my regular phone at the mortuary, so I mainly took pictures with my cell phone. Most of them didn't turn out very good.)

On the drive home Shboogoo cried, slept, and read. I got excited for her when we saw the sign at the state border, but she is way too young to understand. It was a good trip. I wish my brother Mark would have come; we missed him. I have been thinking about how glad I am to still have my grandma and (step-)grandpa pretty nearby; she is almost 90 and he just turned 91.

I have great memories of their condo where we would swim in the summer, party every year the Saturday before Christmas, and eat delicious food any time. They were good cooks! I also have my step-mom's mom here, and her dad and step-mom in Wyoming. Drew's grandmas are both alive. We wouldn't be here without our grandparents, and we know they love us.

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