Thursday, September 18, 2008

Emily-Style Letter #1

Dear people who drink from glass bottles,

I know you were there recently, on the busy street not too far from me, because I saw your green and clear glass broken on several parts of the sidewalk and street. I really hope you liked your beverage. But I have a question for you. Why do you break the bottles when you are done? Why throw them at all? Don't you know littering makes the world uglier? Are your drinks alcoholic, and you are stupider after you've been drinking? Were you in a fight?

I avoid running over the beautiful bits of glass so I can be nice to my jogging stroller. (I know people ride bikes here, too, and there are bus stops). If you want to leave something for me to see when I run past, how about a dollar instead. You can recycle or reuse your bottles. Thanks so much.

(This fine photo is from Justinsomnia.
Similar photos are here.)

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  1. Well said! I hate when people leave broken bottles in the road!


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