Thursday, September 8, 2011

July 2011: holidays, water day, family day, bunkbeds, birthday


On the night of July second I walked with the girls (my husband had to work) to a nearby high school that always hosts fireworks a day or so before Independence Day. We arrived just before the sky started to get dark. There were so many people sitting on the grass by then that it was impossible to get over to where my mom, brother, sister and brother-in-law were, so we just found a place and sat. Shboogoo thought the fireworks were pretty, but the two-year-old absolutely hated them (they definitely were loud, plus the songs were not what I would have chosen), so we left early. It was really late by the time we got home. I was so glad L could fall asleep right away in the stroller. It was kind of far for Shboogoo to walk, especially at that time of night, but we have not bought a double stroller. She was a trooper and even though it was tiring, I think it was a fun adventure for her. If I could rewind to that day, I think we would just stay home.

Here is our family after church on July 3rd. We actually had not planned to have all of us coordinating in red, white and blue, but I did choose L's dress based on Shboogoo's.

On July 4th my mom, the girls and I drove up one of the canyons. We got out of the car and really enjoyed exploring an area that was new to us.



Later in the month there was a free Water Day for kids downtown, with this (which made my kids whine and cry because they didn't want to get very wet):

and a train ride that we didn't have the cash for, and bounce houses and face painting we couldn't participate in because they were only allowing the people who were already in line . . . but we did walk around . . .

The poor pigeon must have been hurt. It didn't fly.

And there was this (which really freaked out the little one, so we had to leave).

I decided that before having a real lunch at home we should stop for a little something. We found a delightful cupcake shop.

I read the Fancy Nancy book to them.


It's too bad that we didn't get other pictures of our friends there.

L was soooo sleepy.

Once we were back home we wanted to take photos that included him and me.


Just like a few years ago, we spent the evening of Pioneer Day with my husband's mom and her roommate doing fireworks in their street. First was the "snakes":

Then we smiled and laughed a lot as we watched some Pixar shorts. 

I ended up taking a nice nap during the fireworks that everyone else enjoyed when it was dark outside. Again, L was not a fan of fireworks, so after a few minutes (?) someone brought her in the house and she slept cuddled up with me until we went home.

:: WE GOT BUNKBEDS AND A MINIVAN! (we feel old) ::

My in-laws were ready for a new bed for their daughter, and they didn't need or want their white minivan anymore. They pretty much gave the bunkbeds and the minivan to us; we paid them $750. What a blessing! (Now we need to sell our truck.) The girls were so excited the day these became ours, because we had been talking about them for a while. I just realized we have not yet taken any pictures of the minivan, but it is nice to have and we will need it once Third Girl arrives.

Our girls and their aunt with one of the beds. Shboogoo and her aunt shared them in spring of 2009.


We went with most of my family to eat at Golden Corral for my little brother's 28th's birthday. My step-mom was there, too, and she took this picture. 

Those were the most significant days in July for us. It has been a fun, not-too-scheduled summer.


  1. Glad you've had a care-free summer with your little ladies. I read about a fireman spray at Murray Park, but we didn't end up making it over- but maybe it's a little intense anyways? :)
    That's awesome that you got such a great deal on bunkbeds and a mini-van. Kevin's not sure if he can handle the minivan, but I think one would be great!
    We can fit 3 carseats in our cherokee, but I think we'll start keeping an eye out (and saving up) for a bigger vehicle, especially if I continue to babysit after the baby comes. I can even do 4 carseats in the jeep if I have to, but I'd prefer not putting a kid in the front seat, even if it doesn't have an airbag.
    What kind of van did you get? Enjoy it!
    Hope you enjoy the warm weather while it lasts....

  2. About time you posted again! Haha..I like when you post. That cupcake place looks cute.

  3. CAM: It's a Plymouth Grand Voyager SE.


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