Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Are you cute?"

On Thanksgiving my mother-in-law's cousin asked our little girl, "Are you cute?" She answered, "I'm not tute, I'm not tute." Her tone and the way she lowered her hands with each "I'm not cute" were definitely very cute. Since then we have asked her that question lots of times, hoping to get the same reaction, which we usually did. We never made a video of it. Now I'm disappointed because she usually just answers, "Yeah."

I have written down some other funny or impressive things she has been saying, along with the date. Sometimes I wish she could be two forever. . .

  • 'Member the ant?
  • We have to tean the dool! {So I cleaned the kitchen stool.} Thank you, mommy!
  • It's broten! {one of her paperback books was torn a little} It's broten! You have to put tape on it.
  • {She asked for juice and I asked, Do you want this juice?} This is my kind. Don't drink my kind.
  • {I think I told her we needed to leave.} We need to be at the library and read some books.
  • {After a baby blessing and lunch} All these people need to go home.
  • I wanna write to Uncle Joel. {The notebook was out after I'd written to him.}
  • {She asked me to dance with her, meaning hold hands and walk in circles.} You're my pince {prince}!
  • {While talking on her toy phone} I'm going to the Salt Lay tempo {Salt Lake temple}.
  • It's snowing on my paper!
  • Today she was taking care of a blue rubber tree frog. I asked, is that a boy frog or a girl frog? She replied, "A baby. Not a boy or a girl." A little while later she said something about putting the frog "right there. So he can be safe from the monster."

Other ways Shboogoo has grown:
  • She has been excited about the progress she's made with using the toilet and staying dry.
  • Three of her four cuspid teeth have come in.
  • She has been out of the crib and sleeping in a twin size bed (bottom bunk) since February 15th with only a few problems.
Aunt and niece share this room


  1. How sweet is she! I love listening to little kids - It always makes me smile!

  2. That is the cutest picture of the two girls down at the bottom! Sounds like she is so smart and has a great imagination! Miss you guys and hope all is well :)

  3. How sweet! They grow very quickly, don't they? I think it's so funny that the "baby" can't be a boy or a girl. It took a lot of convincing on that exact subject for my son Brent to believe in a Baby Girl or a Baby Boy! Lol!

  4. I can't believe how big she's gotten! I mean she's really grown up!!! She's such a smarty pants ;) hehehe :) Makaya was the same way! They learn so fast and just sponge EVERYTHING!! :)


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