Wednesday, March 4, 2009

25 things about me

Several friends have done this about themselves and tagged me. So here they are, in no particular order.

1. I love natural light and prefer to have it come into my home through the windows than to turn a light bulb on when it's not dark outside.
2. I'm a sweater person. I have lots of them to wear when the weather isn't warm.
3. I pretty much always wear socks, not bare feet, when I'm at home {well, I guess I don't wear socks much in the summer}. When I get in bed, though, I have to take them off.
4. I like quiet. I don't like talking to be too loud or to have too many sounds going on at the same time. Although I love music I don't listen to CDs very often unless I'm in the car.
5. I don't need ice in my drinks, but I do like my water to come from the cold fridge. If someone offers me ice, two cubes are plenty.
6. I don't get up nearly as early as I used to but I'm usually up by 8:00. Honestly, the time I go to bed depends on whether or not my husband has school in the morning.
7. I have read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover I think 6 or 7 times. The most recent time I completed it was this week.
8. I have not read the whole Old Testament, so my next goal is to read the Holy Bible from cover to cover.
9. I have never liked or owned Cabbage Patch Kids; I think they're kind of ugly.
10. Remember Micro Machines? I liked playing with those. I am in the middle of two brothers so that could be why.
11. I would like to take ballroom dance classes -- mostly swing -- with my husband. I think I'm actually an okay dancer if someone shows me the steps. I took social dance in high school and in college. {Other than that I've had no dance classes except for a semester of modern dance in high school, and I've danced in musicals.}
12. Near my hip I have a large mole.
13. I don't really like soda, with or without caffeine, and have never been a Coke or Mountain Dew addict. A few, like Fresca, taste good to me but I hardly ever drink them.
14. I eat cheesecake only rarely because it's so rich, and even then I only like it with a fruit topping.
15. Back in 2002 I was going to go to Brazil with two college friends, until one figured she didn't have enough money and the other got engaged.
16. I lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil when I was about 3 and 4 years old because of my dad's job. I wish I could remember what it was like.
17. When I opened our new pack of toothbrushes the other day, I decided which was mine and which was D's based on which color matched our universities. I wrote on mine "iManda" {for BYU-Idaho, but I went to the U also}.
18. I don't usually stick with one task until it's all the way done. One example is that when I'm on the internet I typically have about five tabs open. I'll even hit the login button and, while I wait for those few seconds, open one or two tabs for other sites I need to log into. I think I want to change this, if my 'demanding little sweetheart' will let me. {When I take breaks from emptying the dishwasher or putting laundry away, she is the reason.}
19. I have no desire to ever have fake nails. The ongoing cost of them and the smell in those places make me want to gag. I also wouldn't want long nails making things {like playing the piano or guitar} difficult. My own fingernails are fine.
20. However, I do understand wanting to be pampered. The only real {non-massage-therapy-school} massage I have had was when I was 39 weeks pregnant. I'm looking forward to my next relaxing massage.
21. I am a loser. A person who loses things, like an earring, and sometimes never finds it again. Two of the cell phones that I've misplaced never showed up. This has also happened with at least one set of keys. Unfortunately my husband is a loser, too, but mostly with his keys, and he is able to locate them.
22. I don't like getting tired because there are so many things I want to do other than sleep. Except of course, I'm sleepy. I know our friend Josh C. feels the same way.
23. The highest-paying job I ever had {not counting a really successful SimplyFun party} was just a temp job typing for $14.06 per hour. It's sad that with my bachelor's degree I didn't find anything that would pay me more than that.
24. I'd like to learn more about different types of flowers and gardening.
25. Okay, last one . . . I miss my husband right now. Only about 67 out of 68 weeks left. He's absolutely perfect for me and my best friend.

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  1. #25 made me make a big frowny face for you! 67 out of 68 weeks! Good luck!

    And I, too, have at least 3 tabs open at once. I just don't have the patience to wait for each page to load.


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