Saturday, February 28, 2009

bella (not the one you're thinking of)

We've only seen it once so far, but D and I love the movie bella. He got it recently with Blockbuster's five DVDs for $20 deal. It's unique, unpredictable, and makes you feel good.

IMDb describes it as "a true love story about how one day in New York City changed three people forever." I wouldn't really call it a chick flick or a typical love story. It has won a lot of film festival awards. I agree with this comment (on IMDb):

I was astonished after seeing the film Bella. I was impressed, inspired, uplifted and sobered all at the same time. The film is powerful and thought provoking. Each scene blends perfectly into the next creating and weaving an intricate and detailed story without being self indulgent. The actors make choices that are simple yet powerful. Every character lets their humanity show in a way that causes the audience to fall in love with them throughout the course of the movie. Both the story and the characters are realistic and every scene of the movie is packed with truth. Audiences can see aspects of their own lives and situations in every scene of this masterfully composed story.


  1. I read this post several days ago...sorry your tracker didn't "see" me! I always read any new post you have. I may not always leave comments, but I'm reading it!

  2. Hey Amanda, Its Stephanie Dana-Wood. Love your blog. I added you to my list... Hope this finds you well.


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