Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Valentine's Day 2009

I like this holiday because it was at a Valentine's Day dance {in 1995} that I met my husband. We made a big deal of it this year, I guess because we don't go out on dates very often {we just stay home} and because he is deploying.

In the morning Shboogoo got to unwrap two clearance items I bought her at Seagull Book. She loves them:

In the afternoon we, like everyone else, it seems, saw He's Just Not That Into You.

After that we ate at a specific restaurant we love, continuing the tradition we started last Valentine's Day when my step-mom gave us a gift card for that place. This time we found a much better parking spot; I wonder if there weren't as many people in the shopping mall this year because of the economy. But I digress. We shared a salad, I had Butternut Squash Fettuccine, and he had Pork Tenderloins. That place has such delicious food!

While waiting for our food we exchanged cards and gifts.
What D wrote inside the Winnie the Pooh card brought tears to my eyes. He also got me a Flip Video camera, which I wasn't expecting to receive even though I kept saying we needed to buy a video camera; the one his mom bought got lost on a mountain several months ago! I gave him a Blackberry {a slightly used one from eBay} so while he is in training he can email me without having to wait to use a computer. Once he leaves the country I can use it. The Blackberry was actually his idea. He wouldn't want people to see how he looked in the picture of us at the restaurant, so I'm only including this one.

It was a perfect day. I love you, darling!

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  1. Fun Valentines!!! You look really cute in that pic! I like your shirt!


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