Saturday, September 24, 2011

favorite August 2011 photos

More from this August {I already blogged about the girls' curtains, the day D reenlisted, and the Saturday at the park . . . The pictures of the grownups in our family are in those second two posts}.

L at my chiropractor's office.

Swimming at our old rec center.

Here are about half of us who were at book club
in my friend's gorgeous backyard. We only do
dinner once a year. It was so fun! Our book was
Gift from the Sea and one of the ladies had
picked shells for us when she was at the beach
in Oregon. {I should have taken a posed group
shot, but at least I have this.} The only problem
was that I got sixteen mosquito bites.

 I love taking the kids to this library. It is
beautiful outside (they called this "the jungle")
and inside (next two photos).

 Shboogoo informed me, "That's the spout the
spider came out."

This is right outside our apartment.

After church, August 14.

Breakfast one morning was steel-cut oats (and
I think I was able to sneak in some walnut
pieces and/or ground flax seed) and fresh
bananas, strawberries, raspberries, and
peaches. I ate the same except that my fruit
was blended with water and spinach in

Second time swimming in our pool.

During one of my walks with our girls, we saw
these flowers. They were huge!

 Shboogoo set up the mermaid Barbies like this.
They are in better position for push-ups
than the humans are.

 Sitting on our patio wall eating lime fruit bars,
probably right after a walk because it was hot
outside by the time we were done. I really 
loved the summer season this year!

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  1. Beautiful girls. I found out recently that when you're pregnant the mosquitos like your blood more...weird but I think it's true. That night earlier this month when we ate outside at dad's house, I got about 4 bites. I hate them!


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