Friday, March 18, 2011

pudding, first haircut and other February fun

We have a lot of great photos from last month, so I chose a lot for this post -- once I found the camera cord, which someone had put in our closet. In one photo there is a pea on someone's nose. Can you find it? :-)

p.s. I exist, I'm just not in very many of our photos. I have two new goals: more photos of me and my husband, and at least one photo a month of me with our children.

Shboogoo has about 6-8 letters she prefers to write. She puts some together to form "words." Example: AHT. "What does that spell, mom?" I want to have her practice writing the others more, even though she won't start kindergarten until fall of 2012.

Gotta get that last little bit of chocolate pudding (we don't buy it very often, so it's a treat) (I don't remember why the seat was on the floor instead of on a chair).

 Grandma gave L her first haircut; L is about six months younger than Shboogoo was when she had her first one. First Grandma brought out my husband's childhood bandana/washcloth bib, and new ones she made as Valentine's Day gifts for the girls. These large bibs have been very useful! Oh, that reminds me: D and I had a Valentine's Day date to the restaurant that we've gone to on Valentine's Day every year starting in 2008 (except 2010 because he was deployed).


They love watching video clips of Sesame Street, Donald Duck, etc. on youtube (I stay nearby to make sure they don't click on anything that could be inappropriate).

At Shboogoo's friend's house the friend pulled her and K. around.

 We went to a Tangled party (birthday girl in stripes, mine in the yellow shirt); I loved seeing the seven kids in a row. The other parents were really cool and so were the activities, like "pin the hair on Rapunzel."

 We went for a walk, just the little one and me. She was pointing at the moon and saying, "moon!"
 Then she decided to sit with her baby for a minute.

 This is the best of the photos Shboogoo asked me to take of her. She picked the spot and the pose.
I love this outfit: pale green coordinating with the floral pants, and pink booties.


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  2. Those pictures of L eating pudding are so stinkin cute and funny! Glad to see you finally posted something. :)

  3. Cute pics of the girls! S's hair is getting darker to me! I love the pic of dad shaving while daughter is looking on. Fun daddy-daughter moments! :)

  4. I love: the pea on the nose, sitting in the gutter with the baby, posing for a picture. And one of my favorite pics was looking in Daddy's hand with shaving cream. :) Very cute!


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