Friday, March 4, 2011

and windowsills

There are a few blog posts I've already started in my head -- some with photos, some without -- but blogging hasn't been a priority lately.  This morning I had extra time (complete quiet! amazing!) for scripture study, pondering, and personal writing.  I needed it; I needed to be more on track spiritually.  I want to write here, too.  This topic has been on my mind for a few days.

When my "big girl" prays, I learn.  First of all, she almost always wants to be the one to pray.  She's not necessarily polite -- she says "I'm saying it!" -- but it's important that she likes to talk to her "Heavenly Father up in heaven."  At night she sometimes says that she wants Daddy to be able to hear her pray.  She does let us take turns, though.

Second, she shows as she prays that she loves and cares about her family.  She says that we're thankful for L and thankful that we get to take care of L.  She prays for Daddy when he is at work.  She prays that we will all sleep well and not have bad dreams.  

Third, she puts thought into what she says in a prayer.  She repeats some phrases that she's used before, but she really is thinking.  That's a good example and reminder to me to think about what I should really pray for.  Also, her long prayers have taught me that I need to be more patient and keep my mind focused on the prayer whenever anyone prays!

Finally, my big girl teaches me to be grateful for little things.  A couple of times I've glanced at her when she's saying a prayer at mealtime (tangent: she has often said, "Bless this . . . is it breakfast or lunch?") and she appears to be looking around the room for ideas of what to thank Heavenly Father for.  I love that she says things like this: "We're thankful for pajamas, and tables, and plates, and bowls, and cups, and spoons, and forks, and knives, and bananas, and books, and songs, and movies, and snow, and flowers, and grass, and trees, and birds, and elephants, and lights, and walls, and ceilings, and windows, and windowsills, and we're thankful that Jesus died for us and was resurrected."  (Those commas are starting to look weird, but I'll leave it as is.)  Seriously, what would life be like without some of those things?  Then she asks us what parts of her prayer we liked the most.  I love her.

Comments on your child(ren)'s prayers are welcome!


  1. Love it, especially the list of what she's thankful for!

  2. I love her too! I'm excited for when Eli can pray...and talk. Thanks for sharing that. :)

  3. Very cute how she prays! Robbie does the same thing, and looks around the room for things to pray for. The thing I find most interesting about his prayers is when he prays for his imaginary friend (he doesn't think he's imaginary) named Lasers. He will bless Lasers to travel safe, or do good at his t-ball game, or to be nice to his baby sister. Is Robbie actually praying for himself? I don't know the answer, but it is interesting to think about.

  4. A sweet post! :) I'm sure as she gets older she'll treasure your words written here. :)

  5. I love that she wants to know what part you liked best. How cute!!

  6. I love that our kids can teach us too. so special. often times, we will sit down for a meal, and natalie will fold her arms and say, say it. (meaning for us to say the prayer.) love those daily reminders.


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