Sunday, January 10, 2010

old hat, new hat

{This post is brought to you by the letter H.}

At preschool a few weeks ago, the mom in charge taught about the letter H and read us Old Hat, New Hat.

Do you know the book? It is one of their family's favorites. I think I had read it many moons ago, so it was fun to see. He goes into a store to buy himself a new hat. After trying on lots of unique hats, he leaves with his original hat because he prefers it.

The whole time I thought of my husband, and how this is a metaphor of my dating life. He was the first boy who asked me on a date. Then during the next six years I had a date or two each with probably twenty or thirty other guys. Most of those dates were enjoyable, but there was rarely a mutual attraction. Their personalities weren't quite right for me. I learned that none of them had what I wanted because they weren't him. With him I have been myself, and I have always been comfortable talking to him about anything. We're happy if we're just in the same room. He makes me laugh every day that I'm with him. He even thinks that I'm funny. By April 2003 we knew we wanted to be a couple forever, and we knew Heavenly Father approved. After his Basic Training at the end of that year, my boyfriend and best friend became my fiance. The best thing I ever did was to marry the first boy that asked me out. Old hat.


In case you were wondering, during preschool the kids also tried on hats, hopped through hula hoops, and made gingerbread graham cracker houses. The three babies sat in the living room together and looked cute (that's what they do).


  1. I like your analogy of dating d. It's cute! I'm sorry as roommates we weren't more supportive of your Old hat thoughts. I remember how we kept telling you, you should date and date so and so...and so forth. I'm glad you and D are together and happy :)
    The babies do look cute! haha That's what they do best! Love the houses...Makaya keeps asking me to make one...going to have to get on that soon!

  2. That was a cute story!

    (I "met" your husband on Twitter and he suggested I read your blog :))


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