Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas, the powder candy incident, and more

Here's some of what we did during December. Besides family events, I also enjoyed the adult party in our new ward, plus Relief Society Christmas dinners with this ward and the previous ward.

Shboogoo said she was showing these people how to do the puzzle.

I carried on our tradition.
When it was Shboogoo's first Christmas we had her lie under the tree and look at a red ornament, because my parents had taken a picture of ME doing that on my first Christmas. L is older (I was 3 months old, Shboogoo was 1), so she wanted to move and reach a lot.

Proof that real deer have been in our yard. On a different day I saw two run from the north side of our house toward the east side of the street (where there are no houses, just trees).

On December 22nd we exchanged gifts at my dad's house.

(This one kinda cracks me up, with the statue appearing to be on my brother-in-law's head.)

L's favorite thing was the ribbon, but here are a shirt and pajamas that she received.

Christmas Eve at my mom's; I wish we would have taken a group photo.
Inside this box was a doll as tall as Shboogoo; she danced with her.

Christmas morning at our house, just the three of us. Santa hung the stockings on the hooks downstairs because there wasn't a good place for them upstairs. He even cleaned the living room.

In her stocking she got her own pair of scissors, some colored pens, and gummy Life Savers. (We're waiting to decorate this Christmas tree with my husband.)

This Barbie and Disney princess tree was given to us by a member of our ward who said it needed a home.

I had used this pink thing as ribbon around one of L's presents.

I put the camera on a box and set the timer.

We spent the rest of the day at my father-in-laws', my stepmom's brother's, and my mother-in-law's sister's. It was very fun, but my camera battery was dead and I couldn't charge it. At the last house we watched some old home videos, and realized I was looking at my mother-in-law when she was only a year older than me!

A few days later the baby grabbed her sister's candy (a clear tube like a pixie stick). It was not closed, so before I could grab it some blue powder went in the baby's mouth and really surprised her! As you can see, it didn't end up just in her mouth.

I've been blessed with neighbors who have served me in various ways, knowing that I'm on my own for a while with these little girls. My visiting teacher and my next-door neighbor both worked (multiple times) on getting the snow and ice off of our driveway.

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  1. You're holidays look like they were filled with tons of family. I think it's nice you have such great neighbors, who will help you in your time of need. It's nice to know you're being taken care of :)


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