Tuesday, April 28, 2009

birth book nerd

On shelfari I saw the term "birth book nerd." I am one.

When I was pregnant in 2006 I enjoyed, and I recommend, and . As I mentioned before, I read this recently. Then I bought and started reading this and plan on reading this after that. I wish more women knew their options. I wish they could be told all about the risks, not just the benefit, of an epidural.

My list of blogs I've found {probably as I google-searched VBAC} relating to childbirth includes these. Check them out by clicking on the links below.
It is so nice to watch a video of a calm birth like this one (fyi, she is nude at the end) -- instead of one that involves a screaming, lying-in-bed mom. I have very little experience with this and I don't know everything. I haven't pushed out a baby; I ended up with a c-section. Yes, there are complications and true emergencies when it comes to birth. However, I believe that 'Your body knew how to grow the baby, your body knows how to get the baby out.' [from Giving Birth: A Journey into the World of Mothers and Midwives by Catherine Taylor] I also think that the U.S. should learn some things from other countries that have better outcomes for mothers and babies. There are better ways to do things! Anyway, that's enough for today. . .


  1. That really was an amazing video. Incredibly powerful. That woman had an amazing presence of mind and control! I delivered my baby naturally, but I tell you... I was loud at it. Although my doula did say to keep my voice in low tones... like that lady did. Her sounds were so beautiful! Like music... that was really neat. I'm kind of a "nerd" like you are. :) And I think women should have more faith in their capabilities too, because it's not just the medical people who are pushing so much for epidurals and pitocin and the such... women are demanding it. There's too many women who don't believe they can do a natural birth, or won't even consider it because they are so afraid of pain. It would be so amazing if more women were more open to considering it and preparing their mind, body and heart for such an experience because it is so empowering and spiritual. I really want to have my next child at home because I think it will be an even more meaningful experience than to have it at the hospital where, even though I did have wonderful support, there were people who thought I was insane for going natural. I want to be in an environment that is totally under my control and that helps to set the right mood and only have the people there who believe in what I'm doing and who believe in me and know what I'm capable of doing. Anyway... so are you trying for a VBAC then? I think that's wonderful and really wish you the best with that!

  2. I couldn't agree more. After my bad experience with my first delivery I really started to learn what my options were and had a 100% positive experience with #2. I wish the same for yoU!

  3. I loved Thinking Woman's Guide and also one by Ina May Gaskin, can't remember the title right now--not Spiritual Midwifery, the other one. I've been wanting to read Pushed.

    I had the epidural with my first (not even thinking going without was an option at all, except for crazy people), went natural in a hospital with my 2nd, and just had my third at home.

    Birth can be so empowering, I love it. Good luck with your upcoming one.

  4. Hi! Thanks for linking to my blog. I am sure you will have an empowering VBAC. I have to say it was the most spiritual experience I have ever had... I would love to post the story on my blog and link to yours and hear all about the birth if you are up for it. And I am a book nerd too! I just received a copy of Your Best Birth and I can hardly wait to read it!


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