Friday, April 25, 2008

17 Months

I just turned 17 months old!

And in the last month:
  • My love for wooden puzzles grew. On the United States puzzle I can put some in the right place on the first try (like California, Washington, Arizona, Texas, and Florida)!
  • I said "Nana" when our car turned onto Grandma M's street.
  • I learned to say "knee" and touch people's knees. (I've been working on "elbow.")
  • I bruised my forehead a couple times because I like stairs.
  • My newest top incisor grew longer so it matches the one next to it. I have 6 teeth.


  1. Cute pictures and she is doing great! It is so much fun to watch kids grow and learn!

  2. Hey Manda- thanks for sending a birthday card, it's so sweet of you to remember! Looks like your little cutie is growing right up- can't believe how big she's getting. She has the biggest eyes! We'll be moving back to Utah soon, hope we'll be able to get together. Talk to you later.

  3. She is getting SO big!! What a too!!! Hope you are doing well!!


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