Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Book Tag

Jackie book tagged me. I'd never seen this before. What you do is grab the nearest book, open to page 123, go to the 5th sentence and post the next three sentences.
My nearest book was D's textbook called Motor Learning and Control: Concepts and Applications (8th Edition), by Richard A. Magill.

To identify the specific visual information a person uses to make the required response, researchers use the event occlusion procedure. Parts of each frame of film or video are masked so that the observer cannot see selected parts of the action. Figure 6.9 presents an example of this procedure, taken from the second part of the Abernethy and Russell (1987) study.

As I was getting ready to do this I didn't notice her blog said the NEAREST book, so I thought it could be ANY book. These sentences -- from Why Would Anyone Join the Mormon Church? by Brad Brase -- are way more interesting to me than those from the textbook:

Latter-Day Saints recognize the family unit as the most important organization in heaven and earth. We regard marriage and other family relationships with a special reverence, due to our belief in their potentially eternal nature. When conducted by the proper priesthood authority and in the manner prescribed by the Lord, the marriage covenant endures beyond the grave to bind man and wife together for time and all eternity.

I am tagging Camille,
anyone who wants to do it.


  1. Hi Manda! I'm so glad I found you! That book tag thing is fun!

  2. I'm glad you are blogging, too! I didn't know anybody had commented until just now.


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