Friday, January 25, 2008

14 months old

Okay, so it's January 25th?! Really?? Where did the time go?

Shboogoo turned 14 months old yesterday. I forgot to take a picture of her, but I took this one of her and D on Tuesday.

The second picture is of her during the reception on Jan. 11 with Elisa's veil on. (I also have to tell a funny story from that night. She saw a boy who was probably her age or a few months older. She went to him, hugged him -- which she never had done with a stranger or even any kid -- and then grabbed his cookie and put it in her mouth! He didn't complain; maybe she just broke off part of it. It was hilarious.)

"Daddy" is probably her favorite word to say right now. She uses it correctly when we ask "who's this?" or when she points to the room he has just gone into. However, she also uses "daddy" to mean "look at this thing, I like it!"

Her other real words:
  • uh-oh
  • hi (usually without the h)
  • mama / mom
  • ow
  • ow (like meow, when she sees a picture of a cat)
  • baby
She also tries to say doggy ("doddy") and says "bawboo" all the time. On our fridge we have pictures of Jesus, Elisa, and Josh. I ask her where Jesus is, and she points. He's the only one of the three that she always gets right. I love her so so much.


  1. I can't believe how much she looks like both of you! She is such a pretty girl!

  2. No, I dont think i've done any construction decorations...maybe when Alan and I were dating. oh wait..haha we did some for this last Halloween. :) but not a lot.


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