Thursday, February 2, 2012

newborn photo shoot

Some photographers say that they will take photos of a newborn who is no older than ten days old. By the time I chose the clothing and a photographer (a friend I have known since seventh grade) and we did the photo shoot, C was three and a half weeks old. But since she still spent a lot of her time sleeping, it was fine. My family hasn't had much extra money the last few months as my husband has focused on finishing his degree. I was really grateful that my friend said she would take our photos for free. She is so nice! 

First we did some photos outside. Then we went to my friend's house where we had lunch and she took some photos in her living room. I didn't even think about having her take some of C in just a diaper or her birthday suit, but that's okay.

I love how the photos turned out, although the five-year-old complained about the cold and sometimes had a weird look on her face, and the two-and-a-half-year-old didn't want to take her thumb out of her mouth. :o) Here are my favorites.



  1. I know I've already seen them but I had to comment on here too. They are so darling! I want a few copies of 2 or 3 please. :)

  2. You look great Manda! Cute pictures. Your baby girl looks so sweet. Congratulations.

  3. What beautiful girls, all of you!!! Love all of C's hair. And how nice your friend did the pics for free. They turned out great!

  4. They turned out great!! The funny faces, and fussy kids make it that much more memorable when you look back on it later.


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