Thursday, January 26, 2012

2011 Christmas season, part 2

{part 1 is HERE}

I spent most of Christmas Eve at the hospital, where it was very quiet -- different from the way that day often is. I love that our new baby was with me every minute, night and day. I walked around several times, slowly but with little pain thanks to the Percocet and Ibuprofen I was taking after the surgery. Some people dislike hospital food, but I enjoyed every meal, plus the fact that someone delivered them to me! Lunch was a tuna sandwich, soup, carrot and pickle, and a cookie. Yes, I wanted to take a picture of it.

My husband and I went with baby C to have her hearing tested, which was one of the things we had to do before we could be discharged from the hospital. (Hmm, it could have been interesting to have a photo of that. Oh well.) He left to get the girls from Nana's and do some errands. Meanwhile I took care of the baby, rested, read from the booklet about caring for my newborn and myself, took a few photos, and used our laptop while listening to peaceful Christmas songs.

Here's a funny and upsetting story. While I was sitting on the bed nursing C and my husband was taking all of our stuff to the car so we could go home, two-and-a-half-year-old L said something about the potty. I certainly couldn't get off the bed quickly enough or I would hurt myself. She stood there and peed instead of going into the bathroom like I was telling her to do (not that she can get on the toilet by herself anyway). Before my husband returned I took off L's wet clothes and did my best to clean her off. Any extra undies and pants we had with us were now in the van! My husband was not happy that she had done that. We just wanted to leave. We put a baby blanket around her like a skirt and tied it with the sash from my robe that I was wearing over my clothes.

I think Shboogoo liked these flowers that were on a desk even better than the girly Christmas tree that you see in the background.

So we left after 5 PM. I was glad it wasn't super cold outside. I told my husband that I had a prescription for more Percocet. We hadn't though about me needing to take more soon (every four hours). He turned around and went back to the hospital. Of course it was Christmas Eve, but I was surprised that their pharmacy was already closed. They were nice enough to give him information for the two Walgreens stores in our area that were open 24/7 over the holiday weekend, so we were able to get my meds.

After taking me and C home, he and the older girls joined everyone (it was just five other people) at my mom's house for a nice dinner and gifts. I didn't feel like going over because I needed rest. Here are two pictures I got from my sister's camera.

Then at about 8:30 they all came over to see me and C. My brother and brother-in-law had not met her yet. That's my brother in the photo below. I opened presents from my mom and got to see the girls open a few more things from her. She loved the big Book of Mormon-related book my sister and I gave her because it was the one she specifically wanted us to get her for Christmas. :o) We exchanged our sibling gifts. The best part about that was that my sister and I had bought each other $20 gift cards to the same clothing store!

Christmas morning was fun but we were pretty tired. We had been too tired Christmas Eve to get anything set up under the tree. I don't think Shboogoo and L woke up any earlier than usual, thank goodness. We made them stay in their room while we wrapped their presents (not very many, mostly books), brought out the big one (a cardboard house that they could color and play in), and stuffed their stockings. We also had breakfast before going over to the tree. My husband made waffles, which we don't have very often. We gave the girls new Christmas cups to drink from.

I made the headband and poinsettia hair clip she wore.


Around 10 AM my husband and the big girls went to Papa's house, my Dad's house, and my husband's mom's house. What a busy day for my husband! When they came back home after 9 PM the first thing Shboogoo said was, "Where's [C]?" :o)

I loved being home alone all day with my newborn, watching some shows on Netflix that were Sunday-ish, including a documentary about Mother Theresa. My dad and youngest brother came over after their church meetings, and my dad held C while I had my first shower since her birth. After that, Angie and Todd came to meet her before going to my Dad's. We enjoyed visiting for quite a while. She is pregnant with their first baby and they are really excited about it.

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