Friday, December 10, 2010

seventeen months

Some of my favorite photos of L during her seventeenth month:
Her big sister took this one; it shows the way she likes to hold onto an object.

She was making dolls "drink" from this bottle all day. This camo jacket I tried on her is from our Build-a-Bear! Ha ha ha.

A few days after her monthday (since I'd been in St. Louis):

I love how babies and toddlers have such short arms.

She has started folding her arms when we say we're going to have a prayer (but this was not prayer time).

This was her response to, "where's your nose?" She was better with people other than herself.

This was "where's your belly button?" and she's just a little to the side of it.

It was probably during this month that she started to love having a piggy-back ride to get down the stairs. I sit on the top step and ask, "Do you want a piggy-back ride?" She says something in baby talk and gets onto my back.

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  1. Love the picture of her standing on the couch with her arms folded. Fun girls.


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