Thursday, May 21, 2009

what we've been doing this May

Sleeping: Shboogoo still needs naps, but if I read to her in her room and then put her in her bed she tells me she doesn't want to be there. She only lies down for a second. A few times we've gotten in my bed with some of her books, and after a while she follows my example and falls asleep. Other days I have driven with her until she is asleep, then opened the windows, turned the car off, and read. (I wonder how many pictures I've taken of her sleeping in the car seat throughout her life). Also, we slept over at my dad's one night, and my sister's another night.

Race for the Cure: Walking the 5k was harder than I thought it would be, because 1) I am a 3rd-trimester preggo and 2) I didn't go to bed as early as I should've the night before. I'm glad I did this, though (with a TON of other people).

It was neat to see breast cancer survivors participate.

pink finish line:

My mother-in-law met and walked with us for about the last half-mile.

Mother's Day: My husband and I are blessed with amazing and kind mothers. He called me and our moms that day to wish us a happy Mother's Day. This picture was taken after visiting my mom's ward, where Shboogoo made me a big paper flower in nursery. (Please excuse my "raccoon eyes" and nose shadow.) This was my 4th Mother's Day as a mom, because I was pregnant with Shboogoo in 2006. I love being her mom so much, and I love our bun in the oven.

Reorganizing our stuff, which is at home (some in boxes), at my mom's house, and in our storage unit. An Army friend of mine was nice enough to give us clothing her granddaughter has outgrown, so I've sorted that. I assembled a small wooden shoe shelf for my closet as well as a rocking stand for our baby's moses basket (for Shboogoo I borrowed a bassinet). But even though it might not sound like it, I am resting enough. Life is good. We're taking it one day at a time.


  1. You do sound busy!! Don't wear yourselves out!!

  2. Hey Manda! Did you get my email about the boutique on Sat? We'd still love to have ya! If not, email me


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