Wednesday, May 13, 2009

she remembers Daddy

It has been more than 5 weeks since my soldier husband and I last saw each other. Add a week to that for the last time he was with Shboogoo. They miss each other. She and I really enjoy talking to him on his phone, though, which is nearly every day and sometimes more than once a day. Shboogoo has said some cute things to me about him. Many times she is the one who brings up the topic of her daddy and the things they have done together. I'm grateful to have such a happy girl. I'm glad that she doesn't understand how long a year is. (He and his unit are still in the U.S. for a few more weeks, and the year will begin once they reach their destination in the Middle East.)

Every time she sees him on the screen saver she tells me excitedly, "That my daddy!" Also, I often push against her forehead with mine; when I do she says, "Daddy used to do that!"

On 4.19:
1. Erika said that my hair is short and brown like hers. Shboogoo touched her own hair and said "And my hair--" I finished the sentence for her: Your hair is brown, too. "And my daddy has brown hair."
2. Shboogoo was on our bed and I asked her whose bed it is. "This is mommy's bed, and my daddy's bed."

1. She said to me, "You have two phones! You have a phone and Dad has a phone."
2. "That person running! Like Daddy! And you run, too!"
3. She said she saw something; I explained it was the car wash, where people wash their cars. "Daddy did that!"
4. After we got off the trampoline, she said, "Daddy used to do that with me! He used to do that with me. He used to come outside with me."

I asked, "Do you love mommy?" She answered, "And I love my daddy, too."

We were watching American Idol. First she said that Daddy watched it with us, which is not really true since he was usually at work those nights. Well, then she said, "I was watching Bolt! I was watching Bolt with Daddy. Last night." (Last night = in the past. They went to the dollar theater to see it in March.)

She was in the car with me and one of her uncles. We weren't even talking about the mountains, but Shboogoo said, "Daddy climbed the mountain," which he did in September.

I set up our play pen because she wanted it, and I told her, "Here's your crib." She was really happy as she said, "I do that with Daddy! . . . And he turned off my light. And he was so nice."

She told her Baby Lamb, "Your daddy will come back soon."

1. "My baby's daddy is at the Army. . . . Your daddy came home! . . ."
2. She picked up the shoe cleaner and asked, "Is this for my daddy?"

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  1. oh what a sweet post! you're breaking my heart though! If there is anything we can do, once we're in the area let us know!! Love you guys! And you're in our prayers!!!


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