Friday, March 1, 2013

"1 is fun" party and C's 13th month

My angel, my cuddle bug, turned 13 months old in January. 

I forgot to mention in my last post that it's adorable when we ask her if she wants more food and she signs "more." My husband helped me capture it (he also made a video, but it's currently upside-down):

She also says something that resembles "hi," and she says "bah" for "bye." She loves peek-a-boo, so she likes to cover her eyes with her hands, then I have just enough time to ask "Where's C?" before she moves her hands and says "beuh" (how do you spell that vowel sound? -- the one in the word "look") and laughs. 

Some other fun pictures from her 13th month:

Papa and Grandma gave the girls these beautiful dresses for Christmas.
We exchanged a different 3-piece outfit for this one with a whale on the bum. The front of the green shirt says "you make me so happy."

Her big sisters put her in this bed.
I was just talking to our oldest about this. I thought she hadn't been around, and C somehow got her own arm all the way out of the sleeve. But Shboogoo "doesn't really know" but thinks that maybe she took C's arm out of the sleeve. :-)
I had to get a picture of her in this cute and comfy light yellow outfit. She actually says "cheese" for the camera (the phone).
We had her birthday party potluck lunch on Saturday, January 19th, in our ward building's Primary room. We had decided at least for this year to not have her party too close to Christmas. The friends who were able to come were Eric and Erica from our ward, and Sam and Katie and their kids. From my family: my mom and brother Mark, my dad, and my sister and her family. From my husband's family: his mom and her mother and foster mother, his aunt M, his dad and youngest sister, and his brother Aaron. I was embarrassed that I was so late by the time I arrived at the party (my husband and his mom decorated, then she came back to get me and the kids). I realized I could have been closer to on time if I'd just waited until we were there to frost the cakes. At least D knew everybody and he welcomed them and let them hang out.
I told my husband that I wanted something to say "1 is fun," and this was perfect!
Her cupcake was from the same batter I used for the made-from-scratch cake. She had no idea that she was supposed to taste it. After a moment I got some of the frosting on my finger and she leaned forward so I could put it in her mouth. Then we laughed when she went right back to my finger for more.

The new foods she ate in her 13th month were:
lemon juice concentrate (in a Beechnut jar), onions, pineapple, coconut milk, ground chia seeds, whole wheat bread (she'd had most of the ingredients in it before), hemp seeds, boiled egg (she only wanted to eat a little of it), turkey, and chocolate cake (sugar was pretty unfamiliar to her and she doesn't have it often; the cocoa powder and cow's milk in the cake were new to her, but the almond milk wasn't).
Waving because Mama waved and said "Hi!"


  1. The kids and I eat mostly (but not completely) vegan.

  2. She is so dang cute! That's awesome that she says Hi and bye and boo. Her face in the picture below the "1 is fun" sign, reminds me of Amelia.

  3. She is cute! Happy 1st Birthday little one!


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