Friday, July 20, 2012

C's sixth month

C, also known as Third Girl, turned six months old in June. Anne did her photo shoot in the park on June 22nd and gave me the CD of both girls' photos on July 4th. More of the photos are at the end of this post. 

During C's sixth month . . .
  • I painted her toenails for the first time -- glittery pale pink.
  • It was her first Memorial Day. (Daddy had to study and my brother took this picture. At 3:00 I read this to remind us of the reason for the day, and we had a little moment of silence.)
  • She fell on June 7th (the first day of Daddy's 3-week annual training with the Army). My mom was holding her and accidentally tripped down our apartment stairs, stumbled forward, and fell. I didn't see it happen. I had gone back in to get my phone, and then I heard my mom cry out and C cry. In those few seconds I think I heard some barking, too, so at first I thought something crazy was happening with a dog. Of course I instinctively ran out, and of course my mom felt really bad. The baby only cried for a few minutes, and once we got to the van I nursed her to comfort her. She stopped and cried briefly when she heard my voice interrupt the quiet. I called our pediatrician's office to be sure we should go straight to the ER. We went there and did a CT scan. Thankfully, C's head and body were just fine. She didn't actually bleed. The scrape looked worse than it was because she and my mom had landed on an oily parking spot, so her head was dirty (as well as their clothes). Besides the CT scan and looking at C's body and behavior, the hospital staff just cleaned her head, put on ointment and gave her Tylenol. C had a goose egg on the right side of the top of her head for a couple of hours and my mom was sore for a few days. I'm so glad it wasn't worse!
the owie a day or so after she fell
  • Her hair grew long enough that it can all lay down when she is sitting up or someone is holding her. We don't do the faux-hawk anymore.
  • For a while she did a lot of experimenting with making noises with her tongue (blowing raspberries all the time, etc.), and then she stopped. She started making da-da sounds, some of them starting with a slightly different consonant (but no M) and happy squeals.
  • She could sit for a few minutes without any support, try to scoot backwards when lying on my lap or the Boppy, and rotate herself in the crib so her legs went between the bars.
  • At the six-month well check she was a little over 14 and a half pounds -- about 25th percentile -- and 2 foot 2 inches tall.
Here are a few other photos of her during her sixth month. None of her lying next to the teddy bear this month (unless they are stuck on my non-smart phone; I haven't taken the time to look through them all).

More from the June 22nd photo shoot. There are other good ones, too, but this is plenty to share here. I noticed that L only had two photos in her six month post. . . .

I got this idea, and two or three others that we used, from pinterest.

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