Saturday, June 9, 2012

C's fifth month

During C's fifth month of life:
  • Her cousin -- her Aunt Angie's son -- was born.
  • C came with us to her daddy's graduation from the university! (She was born before his last semester there, and our oldest was born near the end of his first semester there.)
  • We decided to stay in our apartment until we are really ready to move to a bigger place. We had been planning on moving out, to have more space, at the end of May.
  • She went on her first road trip. I'll share more about some of these things later.
  • She started sucking her thumb; my husband bought pacifiers May 7th. We didn't want it to be a habit like it still is for our almost-three-year-old, but we also didn't want to offer a pacifier too soon. When she was hospitalized at 7 weeks old she didn't really care for the Soothie a nurse gave her. I was surprised that C started this because our oldest never sucked her thumb (she liked Soothie pacifiers from day one until she wanted to be done with it at five months old), and Second Girl had started at a younger age, before two months. We sometimes put mittens or socks on C's hands to discourage her from sucking her thumb. She does kinda like the pacifiers (prefers the Nuk kind) but seems to like her thumb even better.
  • The first time I witnessed her blowing a raspberry was on May 8th. It's so cute.
  • She got stronger during tummy time and lifted her upper body higher.
  • She had some good sitting practice on the floor and sometimes sat for a few seconds before tipping. She'd usually be more leaning forward instead of sitting straight.
  • Oh, she also rolled over, from tummy to back, for the first time! I saw her do it on Mother's Day (May 13th), which was neat. She also did it once a couple of days earlier, but nobody watched it happen.

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