Friday, May 25, 2012

baby blessings

I have not blogged about any of our children's blessing days. I think they deserve a post. I love how everyone honors the innocent child on this day (I'm saying "her" because we only have girls). She gets extra attention because this priesthood blessing is for her; the men form a circle around her. The baby herself is a precious blessing from heaven. A joy. A gift. Many blessings can come from having a child and being a parent. I believe that the experience of raising a child can help us to change and grow. I don't know what lies ahead as our children become adults, but I know that we are grateful for what we have experienced so far.

My husband gave First Girl her name and blessing when she was about two and a half months old. It was cold and snowing that day. After sacrament meeting we and a lot of our family members and friends hurried into our condo clubhouse to eat. (I wish we had better photos, but I'm glad we do have some.)

Second Girl received her baby blessing at an older age -- seven months (because she was only a few days old when my husband deployed to Afghanistan, so we waited for his leave). It was another winter blessing day, even though she had been born in the summer. We had the blessing and the gathering in our home, which was both wonderful and a little stressful for us.

My husband blessed Third Girl in April, when she was almost four months old. We had her wear the same dress that First Girl had worn, with a new white fabric flower and headband that my friend and I finished making literally at the last minute. (I actually had made Second Girl's hair clip at the last minute, too; I'm such a procrastinator!) This time I made a video of the blessing so I can transcribe the words. We invited just a couple of friends in addition to our immediate families and grandparents, because we had the meal at my mother-in-law's place and we didn't want a ton of people there. It was a beautiful day! We are so blessed.
My dad holding my younger sister's baby, not mine. 



  1. Ah! I found the back of kasons head in the first blessing pics! I'm not sure where M is in the pic. I love all the pics! I wish I had them for my kiddos!

  2. It was fun to look back at all those pictures! You are very blessed. Such a beautiful family. Love you.


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