Monday, May 30, 2011

twenty-three months

I didn't cry, but I wanted to, when I realized our computer hadn't copied all of our photos from the camera and I had already formatted, which deletes all photos on the memory card. I lost everything taken from May 7th (our moving day) through May 20th!

I had adored a 23-month-day picture my husband took of L -- actually smiling a normal smile -- and Shboogoo and me outside the library. L was wearing a red and white striped henley, and when her sister saw it she changed into her own red and silver striped shirt, also long-sleeved. I chose to wear my red cardigan, not realizing right away that I matched them. Oh, and it was a great picture because all three of us had our hair done well.

So I had to take some new monthday pictures the day after, on the day we let my parents discover that I'm pregnant with baby #3 (we went to my in-laws' homes the next day).

[Not related to the photo above] At 23 months, one of her favorite videos is Blue's Clues. She puts the VHS tape by my face so I'll play it for her. She can say blue, but usually just calls it Loo Loo. Signing Time is another favorite.

 I think she was just looking at the shirt. At this age she loves being nay-nay (naked), though. Or to have any amount of clothing on as long as she gets to wear her shoes, her new obsession. She brings me a pair and says, "Help! Help!" but it sounds more like "hey-oh! hey-oh!"

She likes her baby cousin.  It's interesting that it hasn't been very long since she found out I have a baby inside, yet if I ask her where it is she touches my belly.

She does this all the time -- pulls her lower lip back behind her teeth. She usually makes a weird sound at the same time, which I guess just comes from the movement and her saliva. She also still loves sucking her thumb.

When she likes a particular part of an illustration or something, she points to it and does the cutest little "hee hee" chuckle. Other things she really enjoys are Pat-a-Cake, and coming to me from another room and saying, "hi."

 This is our favorite 23-month picture. L was outside my mom's house. I zoomed in for it.


  1. Love these. She is such a doll. Crazy she'll be two soon!

  2. Okay, oh my goodness, I don't know HOW I missed your pregnancy announcement!!! Every time your blog would come up I'd think, "I wonder if she's going to announce she's expecting?" and then I missed it! So anyway...CONGRATS!! How fun that we'll have kids so close again. I'll hope for your sake she comes after Christmas too. And sorry about the pics getting deleted, i would have cried too...


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