Wednesday, July 14, 2010

southern California 2010: sunday

a Mickey statue was in the hotel lobby

We had just a half-day of classes on Sunday. It was also Father's Day and L's first birthday! In the final session of the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration event, with all the groups combined, at least a couple of the speakers wished the dads a happy Father's Day. I was almost teary during this amazing song about "comin' home to America":

 The view from our window:

We like the elevators!

D being a dad on Father's Day. He had to make a new rule: if you pee or poo anywhere but in the toilet, you don't get treats or chocolate milk for the rest of the day.

Following another good free lunch, we checked out of the Hilton.


We were sad that it was too late in the day to go to sacrament meeting. We would have liked to go to one of the wards D served in as a missionary. D had reserved us a room at the Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach for the extra two nights. It costs almost $100 less per night (I suppose because it's not near Disneyland?) and we liked it better. It was better than the Hilton in every way: beautiful landscaping, a style that was more our taste, decorations that included colors besides black/tan/silver, a little fridge in our room, a patio, and a bathroom door that locks. (At the Hilton all you can do is slide the bathroom door open and closed). D found a laundromat and washed the cloth diapers while I was with the girls, letting L nap. As soon as she woke up, we went outside.

Lynnette had told me that these pretty flowers, agapanthas (I don't want to look up the spelling), are so common because they're easy to grow.

We had dinner at P.F. Chang's. Mmmm. So instead of birthday cake, our baby ate foods like brown rice and veggies. :)


  1. Such cute pictures of S running around outside. I like the picture of Drew being a dad on Father's Day. Being a parent never takes a holiday.

  2. Glad you guys could go on a fun vacation, even if it was partly for the army.

  3. I'm glad your family got to enjoy a little getaway together. It's nice to get out of your routine and have lots of family time!


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