Friday, April 30, 2010

ten months

She was dirty because she had crawled on the floor at the automotive place. Still cute, though.

Her big sister distracted her from breastfeeding.

In her tenth month L did more gumming; she chews on things but doesn't have any teeth pushing through yet. She started saying Mama more, like she knows what she means.  As you can see from the pictures, she is more confident with standing. She'll hold on with only one hand. Sometimes when I go to get her from the crib she is standing. She loves to stand with her hands on something -- the closed toilet is a common one, so I try to remember to close the bathroom door -- and then keep her left hand there and hit the object over and over again with her right hand. The second I start to change her diaper, she always wants to twist and find else something to do (It helps if I put a small toy in her hands). She still lets me cuddle her, at least for a little bit. Sometimes I tell her, "you're my cuddle buddy."

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