Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"how do people make it through life without a sister?" -sara corpening

I sure hope our daughters will have a close relationship like my sister and I have. We are further apart in age -- about four and a half years -- but we shared a bedroom for about 15 years and she's one of my best friends. This Valentine's Day she handed me her first ultrasound pictures to tell me she's going to become a mom soon; I'm excited for them! I love you, Elisa!

Shboogoo is often better than I am at making her baby sister laugh. They like each other. This first photo of our girls was taken on Black Friday (not by me), the rest are from February or March. Ooh, I love my two girls! They probably get tired of me saying that.

"nobunny's cuter"


  1. Oh, cute matching shirts on the girls too...they are so stinkin adorable. I wish I could see you guys everday. :)

  2. THey are cuties! You're right it's hard making it through life without a sister....but you find that friends can fill that void for you :) I wish Makaya had a sister :( And of course Kason a brother....maybe one day. Congrats to your sister!!! :)

  3. Elisa: The shirts were at Target and I couldn't resist them even though the smallest size they had available is kind of big on L. Maybe when you guys move you should come to our city. :)

    Sarah: Thanks; your kids are cuties, too! I searched for quotes about sisters, and thought that one was pretty good -- compared to the other quotes, anyway. Yes, friends can definitely fill that void. One friend of mine that I see fairly often has a great life, and her only sibling is a brother.

  4. I've always wished my parents would have had more kids (I'm an only child). Even as an adult I miss having a relationship with a brother or sister.

    That's wonderful that you have such a great bond with your sister. My girls are 2 and 3 years old and already I can see how much they love eachother.


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