Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my three-year-old mommy

{This story will mess up my chronological order, but I don't really care.}

Yesterday afternoon Shboogoo, as she often does, played the role of my mommy. Sometimes she calls me "kid," like that's my name. This time it was "baby." I was already on the computer so I opened my google doc that I use -- when I remember -- to keep track of things that she says. (When all I have available is paper, I type the sentences into the doc later.) Here's what I was able to record within about five minutes . . .

(She was feeding me with her toy tongue depressor like it was a spoon.) Jesus made you, baby. He made you and me.
I'm gonna take a picture of me feeding you this (and she set my camera down by us, but facing backwards).

Are you wearing one of [L]'s headbands? {Yeah.} You're maybe gonna det [stretch] it out.

(A minute later, still being my mom, she touched my chin to turn me toward her.) Look at me. You know you're not supposed to wear that. Will you listen to me whenever I talk to you? Otay. If you det [stretch] that out then [L]'s not gonna wear it. So can you please not wear it anymore?

Baby, do you know [L]'s weeping [sleeping]? So baby, you remember, do you know [L]'s weeping?

(Then more about the baby sleeping and being tie-it [quiet].)
You love me? I love you, too. You have to talk tietly, otay?

(Then, holding the camera facing the right way but upside down) Hi.

Right after that we ate some multigrain chips and I said I needed to start making dinner. And before getting up to make dinner I got distracted by someone's blog post, and was only half-listening to my daughter's talking. It was then that I realized her undies were on my lap and wondered how long they had been there. (What? She was wearing those after using the bathroom, right?)

Kids are entertaining.


  1. That's really funny! After a couple weeks home with Shboogoo, I can totally hear her voice as I read those lines. You're a good Mom; so is our daughter.

  2. hahaha! cute stuff :) I'm excited for Joseph to start talkin

  3. haha that is pretty funny! You're good to keep up with all the things she says! :)

  4. She is so funny and cute...and smart! Oo i love her guts! Both girls. :)


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