Wednesday, December 16, 2009

five months

L turned five months old on her great-grandma's birthday in November. We, along with my mom, went to the zoo that day. Shboogoo was still two years old and could get in for free. It was L's first time at a zoo. I assume she liked seeing the animals. I do know she was really happy to be close to me in my friend's Baby Bjorn.

By about five months old, she had started to . . .

make smacking noises

grab things more deliberately

enjoy her toes

sit up by herself (I didn't have her practice much until a few days before she was 5 months old)

I love her!


  1. I love how you have pictures of her doing each thing she has learned to do. So cute!!

  2. She's super cute! I think her and S look so much alike! So fun!!! :) Also, I LOOOVE your photo header! Precious!!!


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