Friday, October 15, 2010

tiffani thiessen and me

On the way out of the pediatrician's office the other day* I picked up two free magazines.

In this article Tiffani said, "All in all, it was a 30-hour natural labor which, sadly, ended up in a C-section . . . The umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck twice. I was disappointed, but she's healthy and happy, and that's all we can ask for." Sound familiar?

I haven't really been aware of Tiffani since she stopped playing Kelly Kapowski. I didn't know she wasn't going by Tiffani-Amber anymore, and I hadn't heard of White Collar. I thought that day how interesting it was that this celebrity -- who I used to hope I looked like -- now has a scar that looks like mine. She, like me, "ran regularly before becoming pregnant" and is breastfeeding a daughter. My labors were about thirty hours each, and then for several reasons including my ineffective contractions, we decided a c-section would be best. Shboogoo even had her umbilical cord wrapped around her like Tiffani's daughter. But FYI, as long as the baby's heart rate variability remains good, a nuchal cord alone doesn't necessitate a non-vaginal birth. Usually the cord is loose enough for the doctor or midwife to slip it over the baby's head, or if it's tight they can "somersault" the baby out. (Read this.)

I think about my pregnancies and births often. With my second baby my body went from this

to this

to this, taken ten weeks after L was born.

Whatever each of our preferences and experiences, giving birth and becoming a mother is powerful. You love that tiny person. You're forever changed. That physical scar of mine doesn't bother me. I am a mom. I'm living my dream.

* Shboogoo was pleased to receive another sticker and another sucker.
  L is very small for her age, but she is healthy.


  1. I loved this post! I agree with you completely--cares if your body isn't as amazing as it once was--being a mom is the BEST!! And hey, we really should get together for dinner some time. we would love it! What works for you guys?

  2. That's pretty interesting that Tiffani had the same situation as you. Yeah being a mom is the best I have to agree. Your a wonderful mom.


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